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Cash & Carry Shopping Experience

To carry on its legacy, Cash & Carry Mall has evolved and bring in new roster of merchants and branded retailers for a truly satisfying shopping haven..

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Cinema 1: Tomorrowland


Time: 1:00 PM | 3:50 PM | 6:40 PM | 9:30 PM

A teenager discovers a secret world existing outside of time and space. There she teams up with a jaded former boy genius to go on a dangerous quest to discover the hidden secrets of the world.

Main Cast: Britt Robertson, Hugh Laurie, George Clooney
Director: Brad Bird
MTRCB Rating: PG
Running Time: 2 hrs 24 ms

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Cinema 2: Spy


Time: 1:30 PM | 4:10 PM | 6:50 PM | 9:30 PM

A CIA analyst fed up with being stuck behind a desk volunteers to go undercover to expose and capture a dangerous arms dealer.

Main Cast: Melissa McCarthy, Jason Statham, Jude Law
Director: Paul Feig
MTRCB Rating: R13
Running Time: 2 hrs 10 ms

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Cash & Carry Mall, South Super Highway cor. Filmore & Emilia St. Brgy. Palanan, Filmore St, Makati, Metro Manila Philippines